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Industry Training Appeal Board
Member Biographies
Gordon R. Armour
Gordon Armour is the Career Programs Coordinator, School District #27, Cariboo Chilcotin (Williams Lake). He is responsible for the development of career preparation programs and coordination of work experience programs. He is responsible for all apprenticeship and trade training as well as development and approval of locally developed curricular for the district. He has been with the school district for 40 years. Mr. Armour was the Chair of the Hospital Appeal Board from 1996 until 2003. He was also Chair of the Cariboo Memorial Hospital and a Member of the Cariboo Park Lodge, BC Health Association, Cariboo Chilcotin Child Development Centre, and Task Force on Physician Credentialing.
Paula Elizabeth Barnsley
Paula Barnsley retired from full time private practice of law in July 2006. Subsequently, she practiced part time with Cundari Seibel Law Corporation in Kamloops until 2011. She has been a part time member of various adjudicative tribunals since moving to Kamloops in 1998 and maintains a keen interest in administrative law which when she clerked for the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia's Trial Division. She holds a Bachelor of Laws from Dalhousie University and a Master of Laws from the University of British Columbia. Her graduate work focussed on equality in tax policy. She has been called to the Bar in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia. She also holds a Masters of Education in Educational Psychology from Memorial University in Newfoundland and worked in private practice as a registered psychologist for 14 years before entering law school in 1988.
Martha C. Dow
Martha Dow is a professor at the University of the Fraser Valley, where she teaches in the Department of Social, Cultural and Media Studies, in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Previously, she was a Sessional Instructor at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Educational Studies. Before that, Ms. Dow was the Independent Chairperson to the Correctional Service of Canada (Pacific Region), with the Solicitor General of Canada. Active in her community, she is a Member of the Abbotsford Police Department¿s Chief Constable's Diversity Advisory Committee, and a Member of the University of the Fraser Valley¿s (UFV) Bachelor of Arts Program Advisory Committee, as well as being Chair of the UFV¿s Instructional Probationary Evaluation Committee for the Department of Social, Cultural, and Media Studies. Ms. Dow holds her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and her Master of Sociology from the University of Western Ontario, as well as her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Educational Studies from the University of British Columbia (UBC).
Robert P. Kueng
Bob Kueng is a retired Partner from Tinker, Kueng, Churchill and Company. Mr. Kueng practiced civil, criminal and litigation law for over twenty five years. Active in his community he has served as Treasurer of Kelowna Bar Association, Director of Kelowna General Hospital, and Vice Chairman of BC Commercial Appeals Commission. Mr. Kueng holds his Bachelors of Science from NDU, and his Bachelor of Law from University of British Columbia.