How to Apply

In these pages, you will find information on how to submit an Expression of Interest to serve on the over 300 provincial boards, agencies or commissions. Once you have submitted your Expression of Interest, you will be registered in the BRDO's electronic Candidate Database.

To Register an Expression of Interest

  1. Go to the BRDO Application Site.
  2. Select your board of interest
    1. Type the name of the board that interests you in the Optional Keyword space, then click on the Search>> tab, this will prompt you to the board selection screen where you select your board of choice. Leave all spaces to default ALL to review all current and future opportunities.
    2. Click on the board of choice.
    3. Click "Apply Online Now".
  3. Choosing an Application Method
    1. If you are not currently registered in BRDO's electronic Candidate Database, choose "click here" to register.
    2. If you are currently registered in BRDO's electronic Candidate Database and have a username, please log in. If you have forgotten your username or password, please click "forgot your username or password?" to have your information resent to you.
  4. Proceed to complete the required information on the Expression of Interest. All mandatory fields are flagged with an asterisk (*) and in red.
  5. Please read the consent statement before submitting your Expression of Interest.
  6. Submit your Expression of Interest.

When your Expression of Interest is entered in the BRDO Candidate Database, you will be sent an email indicating that your Expression of Interest has been received. Remember you are recommended to apply to all boards that interest you and check the BRDO site regularly for new board vacancies.

Please note: Applications that are over one year old may not be forwarded to the advertising board. If you wish to update or renew a previous expression of interest for a board to which you have previously applied, please revisit our website and update your information.

What Happens to Your Expression of Interest?

Your expression of Interest will be maintained in the BRDO Candidate Database and will be considered in relation to the boards in which you have specified an interest. In addition, your skills and experience may also be considered in respect of other openings for which you may be qualified. Please note that your personal information contained in the Expression of Interest may be shared with other persons involved in the appointment process.

If you are identified as a potential candidate for a specific position, you will be contacted by BRDO to discuss the position and your qualifications. You may be asked to provide further information and may be asked to complete a Candidate Profile and Declaration as part of the due diligence process.

Please regularly check and submit your Expression of Interest for Advertised Vacancies for a better chance at being reviewed for the positions.

Note that there are often more qualified candidates than vacancies; therefore, no person who applies is guaranteed an appointment.