Appointment Process

The goal of the Board Resourcing and Development Appointment Process is to select the most qualified men and women having the highest personal and professional integrity to serve the public on the Province's boards, agencies and commissions.

Full text of the public appointment policy guidelines

Instructions for Board Chairs

The Governing Principles of the appointment process are as follows:

Merit-Based: Appointments are governed by the overriding principle of selection based on merit - an objective assessment of the fit between the skills and qualifications of the prospective candidate and the needs of the agency.

Transparent: The appointment process guidelines are clear and understandable and available to the public.

Consistent: The appointment process is applied consistently in respect of all appointments to agencies.

Probity: Agency members must be committed to the principles and values of public service and perform their duties with integrity.

Proportionate: The appointments process is subject to the principle of proportionality; that is, the process is to be appropriate for the nature of the post and its responsibilities.

The Roles and Responsibilities of those involved in the process are as set out below:

Board Resourcing Office: The Board Resourcing office sets the agency appointment policy, works with agencies and Ministries to develop skills and experience profiles for vacancies, seeks out and screens potential candidates, recommends preferred candidates and generally oversees and monitors all appointments to agencies.

Responsible Minister: The Responsible Minister formally appoints (in the case of appointments by Minister's Order), or recommends an appointment of (in the case of appointments by the Lieutenant Governor in Council) a candidate to fill a vacancy.

Ministry Officials: In consultation with the Board Resourcing Office, each Ministry (or in the case of Crown Corporations, the Crown Agencies Secretariat) manages the appointment process for the agencies within its domain.

Agency: In consultation with Ministry officials (or in the case of Crown Corporations, the Crown Agencies Secretariat), the agency prepares the skills and experience profile, recommends candidates to fill vacancies and assists in the selection process as necessary or appropriate.

Candidate: The candidate provides personal information and acknowledges, by formal signature upon accepting an appointment, the duties owed to the agency.

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