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Knowledge-West Communications Corporation

This Board is a subsidiary Board of Knowledge Network

Knowledge-West Communications Corporation (KWCC) was incorporated under the BC Company Act in March 1981. As a subsidiary of Knowledge Network, it was established for the purpose of constructing, owning and operating educational network facilities (incorporation document attached). As a wholly owned subsidiary of Knowledge Network, the Knowledge Network board of directors became the KWCC board of directors at this time. In 1988, Knowledge Network joined with the Open Learning Institute to form the Open Learning Agency. The Open Learning Agency was wound down by the provincial government in 2006. Knowledge Network became a Crown corporation in 2008, and assumed all the assets and liabilities of the Open Learning Agency (link to KNC Act attached). KWCC has been inactive since the early 1980's, but Knowledge Network has kept up to date with KWCC annual resolutions and filings.

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Buttignol, Rudy Subsidiary Board Appointment Sub Board, December 7, 2011 Member At Pleasure
Lee, Jeffrey Subsidiary Board Appointment Sub Board, December 7, 2011 Member At Pleasure
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In 2010, Knowledge Network Corporation reactivated KWCC for a new joint venture with BBC Worldwide Canada to operate the Canadian digital subscription channel BBC Kids (press release from January announcing the partnership with BBC Worldwide Canada attached). Under this arrangement, Knowledge Network holds 50% of the voting shares and BBC Worldwide holds 50% of the voting shares, with Knowledge Network holding 80% voting rights.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved the acquisition of BBC Kids in April 2011. The new BBC Kids channel was launched in May 2011.

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Knowledge-West Communications Corporation
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