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BC Renaissance Capital Fund Ltd.

The BC Renaissance Capital Fund Ltd. (BCRCF) is a Crown corporation that is wholly owned by the BC Immigrant Investment Fund (BCIIF). The purpose of the BCRCF is to attract successful venture capital managers and their capital to British Columbia in order to develop promising, innovative technology companies in the Province. The BCRCF was created for the purposes of pursuing investment in four key technology sectors: digital media, information technology, life sciences and clean technology. To date, the BCRCF has committed capital to six venture capital fund managers based in the United States and Canada that have over $2 billion in capital under management for investment.

The Board...


The BCRCF is governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister responsible. The BCIIF works closely with the Ministry and is acting with due regard to the Crown Agency Secretariat's and the Board Resourcing and Development Office's Governance guidelines.

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Current Members
Name: By order: Position: Expiry:
Baskerville, Shannon L. Shareholder Consent Resolution SCR, March 31, 2016 Chair At Pleasure
Campbell, Tracy Ann Shareholder Consent Resolution SCR, March 31, 2016 Director At Pleasure
Roberts, Q.C., Clark Murray Shareholder Consent Resolution SCR, March 31, 2016 Director At Pleasure
3 current members.

The objectives of the BCRCF are to:

  • Generate superior, risk-adjusted returns for the capital committed;
  • Increase the probability that innovative new goods and services in British Columbia gain full-scale commercialization;
  • Increase the depth of the venture capital market in British Columbia; and,
  • Enhance the visibility of British Columbia as an attractive market for venture capital opportunities in North America and globally.

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BC Renaissance Capital Fund
7th Floor, 1810 Blanshard Street

Tel: 800 665-6597
Fax: 250 952-0371